Wycombe Abbey UK is already widely recognised as one of the best schools in the world and Wycombe Abbey School Changzhou is fast developing into a top school in China. WAIS offers the best of British and Chinese education in an English speaking environment preparing pupils to enter leading universities. Most pupils go to either UK or US universities.

School Life

WAIS teaches pupils in an entirely Western style. Pupils experience dynamic, creative learning in small classes, a huge range of sports, excellent music, ranging extra curricular activities and international travel.


Summer Reading Awards at Year Presentations

Every fall, pupils return to school and some soon realize that they have fallen prey to the “Summer Slump”: when unused academic skills lay dormant for too long and the pupil must work to relearn skills they already knew.

Optical Illusions

The week seems to be whizzing by, with the start of a new academic year, getting acquainted with being in a new year group or class and settling into our lessons, we have all been busy bees at Wycombe Abbey. It’s also been the perfect opportunity to get creative and delve into the world of optical illusions.

Art Exhibition Launch @Xitaihu Lake Community Centre

Wycombe Abbey School Changzhou are very pleased to play a partnership role in the local community by collaborating with Xitaihu Lake Community Centre for the very first external exhibition of students’ artwork.