Enrollment Brochure for WAIS 2019

1.Briefing Introduction

WAIS is a private school with senior qualified full-time teachers. Our aim is to educate and equip children to become leaders in the future.

2. Schooling Targets

WAIS keeps importance to the cultivation of pupils’ personality development. It strives to cultivate pupils into social citizens with strong patriotism, sound moral personality, solid discipline foundation and outstanding innovative spirit.

3. Curriculum Types

WAIS curriculum is divided into basic curriculum, school-based curriculum, feature curriculum and general curriculum. WAIS provides bilingual teaching and integrates moral education into teaching, which has already cultivated pupils’ comprehensive quality.

4. Enrollment Requirement

  1. Age
    • Primary: Children who have reached legal age of 6
    • Y8: Children who have reached legal age of 12 and with primary diploma

5. Enrollment Schedule

  1. (1) Schedule
    • Primary: 1st July-6th July
    • Y8: 4th June-6th June
  2. (2) Procedure
    • Children who have reached legal age of 6: residence booklet, vaccination certificate and health form. Class capacity:24, enrollment class numbers:4, enrollment pupil numbers: 96.
    • Children who have reached legal age of 12: residence booklet, quality report, primary diplomas. Class capacity:22, enrollment class numbers: 6 , enrollment pupil numbers: 132.
    • The admission pupils shall pay fees and sign up within the periods specified by WAIS notice. And WAIS executes the charging standards according to relevant documents of Wujin Price Bureau. If pupils do not sign up after the specific dates, WAIS will treat them as giving-up automatically.
  3. (3) Time of admission announcement
    • Primary: 8th July
    • Junior school: 28th June
  4. (4) Contact : 0519 88880681

6. Supporting Measures

WAIS enrollment follows the principle of “open and fair, comprehensive measurement and exam-free admission”. Under the guidance of the directors board, WAIS set up a leading team to supervise the enrollment work legally.

7. Admissions Team

Team leader: Dez Yuan
Vice leader: Mr Kan, Li Li
Team member: Jacki Shi, Cherie Zhou, Kate Huang, Julie Song, Emily Xie, Nicole Zhu, Julianna Nie

30th May, 2019


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