Dress-Up Day

School News June 29, 2022
Dress-Up Day

When the dress-up day came, our beautiful kindergarten was transformed into a magical world, and the children played different living roles, leading us into one magical story after another.

The whole KG had so much fun taking part in their superhero activities. One activity involved them sticking a superhero to a rocket before blasting it off into the air. They managed to make their superhero fly by stomping their foot on a pump, which gave enough force for the rocket to fly in the air. Two rockets flew at the same time and the children were encouraged to say which superhero flew the highest.

After this activity they ventured into the hall where a big obstacle course was set up for them. This obstacle course was used to test how fit of a superhero they actually were. The activity included jumping, rolling, climbing, crawling, and balancing. The children proved that they were strong and fit superheroes.

Finally, the children tested how strong they were by trying to break through a strong paper wall using their fists. The task proved to be quite a challenge and they figured out by working together as a team they could break through the paper wall.

The music runs through the children's activities, and in the process of learning songs, they not only harvest happiness, but also enrich their English vocabulary.