Planet Explorers in Turtle Class

School News July 11, 2022
Planet Explorers in Turtle Class

The primary students in turtle class have all been dreaming about space. They want to explore the planets in space. So in our Science class, they all became small explorers and studied the planets they were interested in in the solar system as groups.

They quickly teamed up with their like-minded partners in class and began their journey of planet exploration. Each group had a computer to help them search for information. In order to share the information they have learned with everyone, the little turtles made posters to share with the class. To record all kinds of information, some of them used pictures, some used words, some used symbols.... In the process of making their posters, many of the children were excited about the different planets they were researching: "Wow, these planets are so beautiful and spectacular. I really want to go.

They all worked very well together in groups. Everyone had their own specialty, some were good at painting, some were good at information searching and writing. Everyone threw themselves into their work. I was impressed by their input and teamwork spirit.

Their posters were all beautifully made. It vividly showed the planet they were exploring.

After the poster was completed, they had a final challenge, making a presentation in the form of a group to introduce their planet to everyone. In order to better show their planet, they practiced again and again in the group. After initial nervousness, all the turtles managed to build up the confidence to talk in front of the class about their chosen planet.