It’s Time to Tell the Time!

School News July 12, 2022
It’s Time to Tell the Time!

One of the most valuable life skills we learn in grade 1 and 2 is telling the time and mixing primary colours to get secondary colours.

So in our British math class we decided to combine the two by making a colour wheel clock.

We start our project by painting our colour wheel (clock). First mix our primary colours to get our secondary colours.

So 10 o’clock on the clock would be yellow and 2 o’clock on the clock would be red mixing these two colours gives me orange so 11,12 and 1 o’clock would be different shades of orange.

After we have mixed all our colours and painted our clocks we colour the numbers black and add the minute and hour hands.  Now we can start telling the time!

The children were very proud of their clocks, and this encouraged them to learn how to tell the time.

In math’s we mainly use the analytical or left side of our brain, therefore some children find math’s hard or even boring. But if we add art activities to stimulate the right side of their brain, used for creativity and image processing, we can stimulate both sides of the brain and therefore spark their interest whilst learning some elements of art.