End of Year Performance

School News July 13, 2022
End of Year Performance


On Friday 24th June 2022, the WASCZ KG End of Year Performance took place in the theatre.

KG1, KG2 and KG3 took turns to perform, the children were happy to tell their own stories with songs, dances and stories.

It was the second time for KG1 children to perform on the stage after the Christmas show. The children showed great confidence and courage, waving with their parents on the stage and experiencing the joy of cooperation.

When KG2 children rehearsed, some children were keen to share their own ideas about where to stand, and how to perform. Based on the children's previous experiences, the teachers and children worked together, showing the students’ developing maturity.

With the increase of English vocabulary, KG3 children not only chose to use songs and dances, but were also able to tell a story, expressing the characters in the story in with their use of language, movement and expressions, to deepen their understanding of literary works.

Finally, the KG3 children sang the song "Reach for the Stars", a song looking towards the bright future our children will have. This was a perfect end to the students’ time in Kindergarten, with a beautiful setting on stage, and the help of our fantastic music department with their live band.

The children's performance was so wonderful that applause and cheers broke out after each performance. These public performances allow the students to develop their confidence and stage presence, gives them positive experiences to remember for a lifetime, and encourages them to improve even more next school year.


On Friday 24th June 2022, the WASCZ Primary End of Year Performance took place in the theatre.

Featuring performances from all twenty-one classes across the Primary School as well as the Senior Boarding Girl Dance Troupe, there were songs, dances, and drama productions put on show, including famous children’s stories such as “Charlie and The Chocolate Factory” and “Three Little Pigs”.

The Tunafish Class in Grade 5 took us on their journey transitioning from Grade 4 to Grade 5 and all the things they have achieved throughout the year. The Swordfish in Grade 3 highlighted one of the topics they have been studying with Mr. Pool this year and explained the importance of “Saving our Rivers”.

Turtles and Crab classes in Grade 2 told two stories that were very familiar to the audience – “Snow White and the Seven Dwarves” and “Three Little Pigs”, whilst the Barracuda Class in Grade 4 entertained with an introduction to the country of Ireland, followed by a traditional dance!

It was fun for all to see the different directions classes had gone in for their end of year shows this year – what a lovely way to end the school year 2021-22!