Stingrays take on The BFG

School News October 11, 2022
Stingrays take on The BFG

To end our week of English lessons, I thought it would be nice to do a book project for the last lesson on each Friday with Stingray class. Having had the children in Stingray class in Grade one, I knew what their reading ability was, so I decided upon Roald Dahl’s The BFG.

Roald Dahl’s stories bring out the imagination of everyone no matter what their age. Each chapter leaves you wanting more, with amazing characters and fantastic storylines. The Roald dahl website says ‘Roald Dahl stories - messages of the strength and potential of young people, and the power of kindness,’ so I knew this was the right author to go with.

Our first lesson involved discussing the book and the characters. For those who had not read the book, or seen the movie, they predicted what the story might be about.

We then proceeded to read the first two chapters. We went around the class taking turns to read, stopping to discuss unfamiliar wordsStingrays did a fantastic job reading the text in the book and discussing what they had read with their peers. We talked about the different adjectives used to describe Sophie, the BFG and the streets at night. To finish the lesson, Stingrays used sticky notes to write predictions for the next chapter.

Each English lesson the children would say ‘can we read The BFG today?’ and the answer would always be the same, ‘Wait until Friday!’  When Friday came everyone was excited to see what the BFG would do now he had seen Sophie watching him! Again, we all took turns to read the chapter. Stingrays did a wonderful job at breaking down the trickier words to read by themselves, with little help from me.

Our activity for chapter three was to draw and describe our own character for a book. Once Stingrays had drawn their character, they tried to think of more interesting adjectives to describe their character's appearance and personality. The results were fantastic, and everyone did their best and worked well on it.

We have many chapters to go and many activities to go with them and Stingrays are looking forward to the next lesson to find out what is going to happen now The BFG has Sophie in his pocket and is running through the dark streets of London, heading home!