Autumn Learning

School News November 07, 2022
Autumn Learning

Whether it is paper or canvas, wall or stone, we have materials and places for children to create. Children enjoy painting and it develops their artistic interest and self-confidence. Seahorse class had an art activity of painting on plastic wrap and our little Seahorse painters enjoying depicting autumn scenes!

Plant rubbing is the most natural, healthy and simple way to explore leaf textures. It is different from chemical dyeing. In this activity, children try to learn how to paint by rubbing, they feel the beauty of leaf printing and experience the fun of printing activities. It cultivates children's observation and improves children's aesthetic interest. It also encourge them to create with natural materials.

Nature is the broadest classroom, it enables children to feel the joy of the autumn harvest and experience the fun of working in the field. During the activity, our Seahorses were full of energy. They treated the  sweet potatoes as treasures when they found them. They were excited to show their trophies to everyone. They compared the size of the sweet potatoes.

Through these activities, children walked in nature, which not only satisfied their curiosity, but also enabled them to know and understand the growing environment and characteristics of plants, and experience the fun of labour.

Nature and outdoor learning are beneficial to the development of children's physical and mental health. We value Kindergarten time and will try our best to make the children's lives colorful every day, wishing our little Seahorses healthy and happy growth!