Supporting Children’s Development through Autumn-themed Activities

School News November 08, 2022
Supporting Children’s Development through Autumn-themed Activities

When you think of autumn, what comes to mind? Rain, cool weather, leaves changing colours, apples, and pumpkins. This theme touches upon all these wonderful autumn pleasures. Children love learning about the colourful falling leaves, harvest time, foods like pumpkins and apples, changes that happen in the weather, and animals that hibernate.

How to encourage children to experience the splendour of autumn while enhancing their language and communication abilities, fine motor skills, and their creativity? We want to share some activities that the Rainbowfish class used to study the theme of autumn.

The great outdoors! Autumn is the absolute ideal season for children to explore the great outdoors. This can support children’s physical development, and it’s a wonderful opportunity to support communication and language skills too.

The Rainbowfish class took a nature walk and collected natural resources, such as pinecones, twigs, acorns and different coloured leaves. We are using these natural resources in the classroom so our class children can have access to lots of lovely resources. The children of our class collected natural resources to make a Autumn Treasure Basket. This was a great way to support our class with the ‘playing and exploring’ element as the children explore different materials and tools using their senses.

Art & craft activities. Autumn is a perfect time to support children’s learning with some art-related activities. We encouraged our children to take part in the making of craft-related items, supporting them with their fine motor development and their hand-eye coordination. The weather was perfect for going outside to collect natural items like leaves and acorns and we used them to make many things. For their craft, the children drew inspiration from objects they had collected, such as fallen leaves, twigs, pinecones, and other natural materials.

Autumn weather sensory bottles. Weather is always a fun Science topic to explore! We brought the autumn weather inside with weather sensory bottles. The most obvious benefit of sensory bottles was their direct connection to sensory play. The Rainbowfish class explored the different types of autumn weather and how they look and sound using the sensory bottles. To make them even more amazing, we taped a real photo of the weather to the top of the bottle.

Autumn stories reading. A simple and effective tool that we can use to support children with their communication and language skills is to frequently read stories with them and ask questions or discuss the illustrations togetherOur class love reading, and I enjoy telling stories to the children and sometimes putting them “on stage” so they can participate and have a better understanding of the concepts. One way I love to get the children excited about autumn is through books. Wonderful autumn books about the changing colour of the leaves, pumpkins, and harvest spark your little one’s imagination and entice them to get outside and jump in a pile of leaves.

Gardening. It is no secret that getting children involved in gardening can have lasting positive effects. From improved behaviour and work ethic, to increased motivation, studies have shown that children who participate in garden related tasks can benefit greatly. Many autumn garden activities for children involve the development of patience. Autumn is a time for observation, and the Rainbowfish class, who are growing a few items throughout this season, can have a better understanding of how the seasons change.

Singing autumn related song. There are so many fun activities to do with the children about autumn. Of course, all children like music and movement, so including songs and rhymes into the teaching would be a wonderful way to help children' language and communication development. Our children like beginning the school day with a catchy song and some funny dances.

Communication and language activities. Autumn-themed activities are an effective way to support the children’s growing communication and language skills. Whether it’s discussing seasonal-related concepts or introducing key vocabulary related to the abundance of natural resources autumn offers. We have completed a wide range of activities in the Rainbowfish class that are related to the theme of autumn, including a leaf colour matching activity, an autumn pattern, an outdoor game, and a matching activity for the seasons. These activities aid in the study of the topic, the learning of new vocabulary, and the development of our children's understanding of the lovely season of autumn.

It is enjoyable to welcome autumn into the classroom and celebrate the changing foliage with autumn-themed teaching ideas and lessons. The children can build literacy skills as they travel with autumn stories and rhymes. Leaf-related activities, games, and crafts provide a bounty of opportunities for children to retell stories and rhymes, acquire new sight words, practise letter and colour identification, connect counting to cardinality, and use their imaginations to create leaf people and animals using real fall leaves. It’s time to say, “Hello autumn”!