Journey of Discovery - Light and Shadow

School News November 10, 2022
Journey of Discovery - Light and Shadow

One day during outside playtime, Angelfish class children spontaneously played the game of stepping on shadows. A few children ran to teacher and asked: "Teacher, how is the shadow formed? Why are there shadows in some places and no shadows in other places?" The children are interested in shadows, so the Angelfish children and teachers started a journey to explore light and shadows.

The Angelfish class are looking for all kinds of luminous objects in every corner of the school. Every child's eyes are full of exploration. From time to time, we can hear the children scrambling and excited voice "I found it".

On the way to find the light source, some children said: "Teacher, will the sun shine? Why do I have a shadow when I walk in the sun?" And so we started experimenting and we went step by step to find out what we were looking for.

The children played a fun shadow game - Guess Who I am to reinforce the children's understanding of shadows. The children played with different shapes and had fun while learning that shadows change as objects move.

Then the little scientists began their experiments. The games and experiments were combined. The children worked in small groups to explore the relationship between light sources and objects and shadows.

Game one: will change the shadow    Game two: shadow magic

Some children were observers, some were scribes, and some were writers. Each child has their own small task and works with the group members. Step by step, the children came to understand that the shadow was always in the opposite direction to the light source. The closer the light source was to the object, the bigger the shadow would be, and the smaller the shadow would be.

The next day, the children's exploration of the shadow was not enough, so they started the activity of "playing with the shadow". The children played the game of "stepping on shadows", hiding shadows and hand shadows on the playground.

Children are constantly on the road to finding problems, finding answers (exploration), and finding problems. With the form of "play to learn, learn to play", I have a deeper understanding of light and shadow. This activity further improved the children's teamwork ability, logical thinking ability and language expression ability.