Independence and Self-Care

School News November 10, 2022
Independence and Self-Care

Here at WAS Changzhou we want even our youngest children to develop their self-care skills and independence. This comes from teaching the children the skills and tricks to caring for themselves. We have many lessons on topics such as handwashing, how to put on the lunch aprons, and putting on and taking off shoes.

We can practice many of these skills with games such as races to see who can put on their shoes the fastest or an apron chain. These games help children gain confidence in their new skills and use them throughout the day. In a day there are many times, such as naptime or swimming, where the children need to be able to put on and take off their own shoes.  

When the children are confident enough in their ability to help themselves, they move towards helping others. This creates a beautiful community in every classroom that promotes learning new skills, growth, and independence.