Harvesting Friendships & Fun on the Farm

School News December 05, 2022
Harvesting Friendships & Fun on the Farm

The autumn air is crisp, the wind is clear, the clouds are light, and the climate is pleasant. Autumn is rich and colourful; it is a season of harvest and there are educational opportunities everywhere. This month, the children explored the theme "The Farm". In order to let them experience the farm in autumn we went for a visit to a real farm and explored all the plant and animal life we had learned about in the classroom.

"What's in the farm? Small white rabbits who love to eat carrots..." When our nursery rhyme came to life, the children were immediately attracted to the cute pets in the farm. Chicks, ducklings, pigs, goats and cows. All the children were squatting down to touch and feed them, and they never tired of it.

“Where are the sweet potatoes?” It was the first time for many children to see sweet potatoes growing in the field. They dug in the vegetable patches and saw sweet potatoes of all sizes showing their heads. The children’s feelings of surprise and joy were expressed with big smiles and excitement. The Children were more than content to dig and dig all day long.

One seed in Spring can lead to a big harvest season and rice is closely related to our life. It is not only the food in our bowl, but can shape a magnificent ecological landscape. In the open fields, children explored how long it can take for rice to grow. “What is the function of the roots and leaves of rice?”

Walking on the ridge, the children cheered as the patches of waving rice fields came into view. The children could not help but send out a sigh of "wow" into the rice field, as if in a sea of rice. They were excited in body and soul!

This farm visit was a fun learning experience. It was a great opportunity for children to observe different animals in person and think about where our food comes from. They learned the life cycles of plants and animals. After walking all day, our children showed great perseverance, even our youngest nursery children. Nobody wanted to be carried, instead they all walked hand in hand. We are so proud of all of you!!