Happy Sowing, Happy Harvesting

School News December 22, 2022
Happy Sowing, Happy Harvesting

Montessori said, "Man still belongs to nature, especially when he is a child. Children must obtain strength from nature to promote physical and mental development.”

From sowing seeds, to waiting for them to germinate and grow, and finally produce a bountiful harvest, most children can only see it in books, but never really feel it for themselves.

At WASCZ we enable children to engage with nature. The children from the Clownfish class came to the Kindergarten planting area. Curiosity and expectation turned into practical action. Sowing and waiting, we finally had a good harvest this winter!

From sowing, watering, germination and harvesting, children have a comparative understanding of the roots, stems, leaves, flowers and fruits of plants. They have experienced the excitement of seeing plants sprout and the joy of observing stems and leaves grow every day.

The onions, green vegetables and carrots in the KG Garden have matured.

“The vegetable field is green. I can finally harvest!"

"I want to take the vegetables I grow back to my mother to taste."

The children's words revealed joy, and the plantation was full of happy laughter and cheerful voices. At this moment, the children really felt the taste of hard sowing and happy reaping.

"Education is life". The kindergarten Garden gives children a free space to observe and discover, pay and harvest, contact nature, and know the natural environment. Children experience sowing and harvesting in their work, and really feel the beauty of natural growth.