Exploring New Ideas with Clay

School News January 05, 2023
Exploring New Ideas with Clay

The childhood of the post-80s generation included catching cicadas among the branches, fishing for frogs in the rice fields, looking at the small fish and shrimp under the rocks in the canals, poking bees with sticks on the mud walls, and making rich dishes with mud in the yard. Every child growing up is full of innocence and curiosity, children love to play, and nature is the best training ground for children to explore. The Sea Dragon class is full of cute little children who have a love for exploring clay. They like to go to the school woods to play with clay. They like to pick up leaves and sticks in autumn and then combine them to make different clay creations, soft and sticky clay in the hands of children have infinite possibilities. Let's have a look at the children's wonderful experience!

In autumn, the children have the eyes to find a variety of autumn items in the school garden. Dog tail grass, fallen branches, leaves, bark, and fruit were picked up by the children to shape and change the clay into small mud dolls with cool hair, tall noses, and funny mouths.

As soon as autumn is over, and winter is coming. The children said that they would like to give the small animals in the classroom a winter cabin. Wide magnolia leaves and twigs gave us the inspiration to do a few tents and small houses. We hope the little animals will be warm through the winter.

Ethan has a rich imagination. At the beginning of his creation, he said that he just wanted to add a little man to the tent. When he put his arm for the body, his thoughts began to leap again. He started to go on and change the shape into a little ant. When the ant was finished, he began to spark thinking about different ideas and he said, “Teacher, I want to add wings, make a bumblebee.” He picked up more autumn leaves to experiment with, and to the small ant he added a pair of majestic wings. This small ant became a bumblebee in seconds. Children who play with serious or easy-going intentions give us new ideas. In the world of children, there is no so-called answer, the answer is constantly changing in the mind of a child.

With the introduction of colored clay, children experienced the pleasure and practice of Kinesthetic play. The actions included kneading, rubbing, and pressing the colored clay. This clay contains the beauty of color, line beauty, modeling beauty. Moreover, the introduction of colored clay can make pictures change from two-dimensional to three-dimensional. Children roll balls, rub, pinch, and press. As the clay grows longer, they start associating it with chocolate bars and small snakes. When the clay becomes rounded, they think of balls and watermelons. The child's mind transitions directly from two dimensions to three with colored clay. The fun of colored clay lies in exploration and boundless imagination.

Clay creations encourage the children of Sea Dragon Class to have more dexterous and active thinking. The children make objects and pictures based on their ideas through their hands. The clay and ideas are constantly changing. For the beauty of life can be seen in every child's attention gradually changing from unintentional to intentional, so that the exploration is always active.