Turtle STEAM: The Use of Head, Heart and Hands

School News February 13, 2023
Turtle  STEAM: The Use of Head, Heart and Hands

The Turtles Class have since been undertaking various projects and experiments in STEAM.

Their  understanding of how STEAM, which is an integrated  learning of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics,  in making our lives easier, solving real-life problems as well as helping the future of our planet, has increased a lot.

In learning STEAM, the Turtles are having active, hands-on experiences that is helping them build their vocabulary, teamwork, critical thinking, problem solving, communication, as well as reflective skills.

The children have been undertaking various projects including “Building paper cup towers” using different methods such as chopsticks, hands, tweezers and wearing blindfolds. They worked in teams, employed their communication as well as problem solving skills in trying to build the tallest tower within five minutes. The children collected data from their research to plot a graph to find out the most successful and easiest  method.

The Turtles also undertook the project of designing and building their own bridges using paper straws and masking tapes.   They weighed out various things on it to see if it was strong enough to withstand these weights and recorded their findings.

The children are currently learning about Extreme Weathers and what they are.  The questions they ask as well as their contributions shows how critical they are thinking and reflecting on what they are learning. It is evident from their responses that they can’t wait to explore deeper into these phenomena; and scientifically investigate their formations as well as try to replicate them. They will also research into its effects on us, the environment and think of possible solutions.