Funny Play in Nature Education About 24 Solar Terms——Rain Water

School News February 21, 2023
Funny Play in Nature Education About 24 Solar Terms——Rain Water

The 24 solar Terms are the embodiment of wisdom in traditional Chinese culture. It covers everything, not only can reflect the ancient laboring people's exploration of the real world, but also the product of Chinese national history and culture. In KG3 Octopus class, the children learned the songs of the 24 solar Terms during the Mandarin lesson and read the picture book "These Are the 24 Solar Terms" together with the teacher to understand the changes of each solar term. We also felt the natural changes in the 24 solar terms through the nature environment around us. At the same time, we used a variety of art materials to describe the solar terms we are currently experiencing——Rain Water.

The students in KG3 are at the stage of vigorous development of language learning ability. It is not difficult for them to learn the 24 Solar Terms Songs, but they need help on  understanding the names and changes of each solar term in that song. So while they read the picture book with their teachers, they were always very attentive. The children would look at the pictures and told the teacher about the changes in the solar terms, such as: the rain in spring is silent, and the grass will sprout quietly after the spring rain.

As we know that the knowledge from books is not enough to satisfy children's curiosity. When we finished reading the chapter of Rain Water in the picture book, the children were very curious about whether there were such changes around us, and they wanted to have a look, go and touch, then verify the contents of the book. So went outside with the magnifying glasses, explored our campus carefully. We went to the river to see the willows, visited the garden to find flowers, and then stepped on the grass to see if there were early bugs hiding inside.

The protagonist of the Rain Water term is the gentle but quiet light rain. We went into the rain, tried to use the rain to draw us a picture of early spring. We prepared the white papers and paint for the rain, then put them under the rain, let the rain spots free play on them. Look, these beautiful pictures are the masterpieces of the rain!

Through the learning about the Rain Water solar term in these days, the children have a further understanding of it. The teacher asked the children to talk about what we had seen outdoors, what kind of images they liked, and thought independently about how to design a handcraft with the existing art materials in the classroom. The children expressed their opinions as using the plasticine, small cotton balls, colorful paper and so on. This time, the teacher gave the initiative to the children and let them try to present the Rain Water scene in their mind independently without the situation of a model.

In WAS Kindergarten, we integrate the nature education curriculum into each topic. So that children can experience the ups and downs of nature and experience the power of nature and life. In the gamification teaching, we start from the perspective of children and achieve "seeing children, following children, supporting children". At the same time, we also integrate the content of traditional culture. The way of "moistening things silently" guides children to communicate with nature, and in this process, cultivate cultural heritage and scientific spirit, experience responsibility, try to practice and innovate, learn to learn and live a healthy life.