The Art of Creating

School News February 21, 2023
The Art of Creating

Art has numerous benefits for children and learning, it is an activity that can reach all the senses; sight, sound, smell, touch and on some occasions depending on the materials, even taste!

Children are naturally curious, and art is playful, messy and fun, it provides a safe outlet for emotions, they get a chance to express themselves, develop creativity and imagination, it overall generates a different atmosphere and upon completion they gain a sense of achievement for their artwork.

As teachers, we are usually persuaded to focus more on academic topics rather than arts, however there are many ways we can connect these two and improve learning. By encouraging artistic manifestation, you can facilitate different learning objectives, it can aid with fine motor skills, math skills, language skills and problem-solving abilities, they learn much better in all disciplines.

Art allows children to make choices, they can show their feelings and ideas through art and there are a handful of ways you can do to show a child you value their work, such as, engaging in small conversation and providing positive feedback, you can encourage this by actively listening and asking questions, offering a great opportunity to learn new vocabulary words related to their projects.

Truth be told, art is vital, both inside and outside of the classroom.