Grade 4 Students taking the Lead in Physical Education

School News February 21, 2023
Grade 4 Students taking the Lead in Physical Education

On Friday the 17th of February a new milestone was achieved at WAS Changzhou. Mr Goran Ristic and his Grade 4 class provided a 30-minute demonstration lesson where his Grade 4 Seal class instructed and taught our KG2 Angelfish class.

The Grade 4 students over this school year have shown excellence in leadership and positivity and giving them this opportunity was a concept that Mr Ristic knew would further extent these students. They prepared and executed the lesson plan perfectly in front of the Physical Education Faculty who were very eager to see the Grade 4’s in action.

The students did not disappoint and carried out the fundamental skills lesson for the KG students with superb precision working together in cohesion setting an exciting and meaningful environment. This involved one of the students explaining in English while another translated the instructions. All members of the Grade 4 class were involved in demonstrating and helping the KG students perform their tasks.

The future for our WASCZ students will include further similar opportunities for our Lower School students which will further extend their leadership abilities and holistic development.