School News March 06, 2023

Light sources, luminous vs non-luminous, opaque, reflection, refraction and the 3 properties of light were the major themes of our Science Unit in the Penguin Class. The acquisition of key vocabulary is and will always be a major component of our class.

To understand light, we first examined the eye, its components and how our eye along with our brain perceives objects. Next, we held a class discussion and classified objects that are luminous (Sun) and non-luminous (Book). Dr. Binocs videos on light and other light related topics (Shadow) aided the students understanding. 

As a reflection challenge, the students were asked to use a torch, 5-6 mirrors and a paper bullseye to learn about reflection and redirection. Next, we found and classified materials as opaque, translucent and transparent, looking for material which makes good shadows. 

To end the Unit, we made sundials and recorded our observations over a specific time and period. We noticed that the shadow of a specific time will change due to the Earth’s rotation and orbit. This activity led perfectly to our new Science Unit, “Our Solar System”.