Trees are My New Friends

School News March 13, 2023
Trees are My New Friends

Who would tell you that it’s spring?

That must be your tree friend.

As the weather is getting warm, children in Starfish class looked here and there on their way to the canteen every day. ‘Look! There is a little yellow flower on the ground.’ ’Wow, it’s so cute!’ ‘And there are some buds on the tree! They are going to bloom!’ ‘The plum blossom we saw was particularly beautiful, and very fragrant.’ ’ I can’t wait to see the flowers! It must be beautiful!’ ‘Do you know the  name of the tree that is going to bloom?’ The children were keen to catch the breath of spring, and showed a strong interest in trees on campus.

We chose a sunny morning, and began our first journey to explore the early spring. There are many kinds of plants on campus. These natural resources meet children's desire to explore perfectly. Children were very excited. They looked carefully at the leaves and branches, and touched the soil and flowers under their feet. They tried to find out which trees had grown buds and which trees had dropped seeds. While nature can throw us some problems, children sometimes nearly tripped over the tangled roots, or met stubborn branches that make it hard to pick leaves from them, children just gave a smile and kept exploring.

When the children were touching the trunks, they were full of curiosity about the shape and feel, and the purpose of exploring became clearer. After reading the story ‘Big Bear Hug’ , we had a second close encounter with the trees, made tree friends and gave them a hug!

Children used multiple senses such as visual, auditory and touch. We observed the trees, compared them, touched the trunks, listened to the leaves blown by the wind, and rubbed the grain of the bark. Children knew more kinds of trees and tried to generalize their knowledge and introduce their tree friends to others. Some children felt shy about hugging their tree friends, while others said it was too ‘childish’. But look at how carefully they touched the bark, how gently they whispered to a tree, and how long they admired each flower!

The topic was not over. We planted the seeds of curiosity in the spring, and children will continue to explore. We are sure that our tree friends have more secrets to be discovered……