Exploring the Local Area with Our KG

School News April 03, 2023
Exploring the Local Area with Our KG

Over the past couple of weeks, the children have been busy exploring new topics, culminating in them attending a field trip and extending their learning into the community and applying their classroom experiences in the real world. Children are highly perceptive to new information and experiences and soak up all that their surroundings throw at them through listening, feeling, smelling, touching and seeing.

K1 and K2 children visited the fire station. It was fun and educational to focus on the firefighters, who are very important community helpers. The children had a fascination for the big red vehicle with flashing lights, bell and ladder. The children became more aware of the role of the firefighter, toured the fire station, put on the fireman’s outfit, sprayed the firehose and lots more. Our children were impressed by the camp beds the firefighter used and started to learn how to make a bed when they returned to KG. The children had fun learning about the firefighter’s heroic acts, service, and teamwork.

The K3 children explored Yancheng Forest Park. They took part in fun adventure activities, as well as making wooden crafts in the workshop. Woodwork has the potential to promote learning in all areas, escpecially physical development – with the use of real tools and hard work, the muscles in the hands and arms become stronger and the children develop more control of these muscles. The children practised sharing and taking turns with the equipment, and discussed routines and rules to keep themselves and others safe. The children took great pride in their final achievements, and showed a great sense of imagination and creativity.

After a fun-filled morning, the children took a picnic in nature and played; there were opportunities for learning everywhere. This boy used his own initiative to measure the cars they have just made.

This child said she finally found the four-leaf clover, we hope it brings good luck to each and everyone of you. Children and teachers are very excited about the next field trip!