K2 Celebration Assembly:Community – Who Helps Us?

School News April 03, 2023
K2 Celebration Assembly:Community – Who Helps Us?

Our K2 children have been learning about Community. This topic is great opportunities for our children to think big, look outside the KG and learn about the world around them. We are excited to share with our parents some of the learning.

Angelfish class were very excited to hear that we would be putting on an assembly for the parents and were eager to get started. Children couldn’t decide on one job to focus on so children decided to focus on them all. Each child in Angelfish chose a job that they think may be their dream job, we had astronauts, pilots, firefighters, police officers, the works! The children worked very hard through different activities. Their hard work paid off with an excellent show, they sang a song about jobs, a song about growing up and each spoke about their dream jobs.

The Seahorse class had been learning a lot about jobs in the community and how different people help us. They were prepared to answer some questions about what they wish to be when they grow up. They had games, role play and tried to discover why they liked a particular job. 

For the assembly, the Seahorse class picked “police officers” as their main character, including some “bad guys”. Children had a fun dance, they prepared an entrance with police sirens and drove police toy cars! Children focused on what they have learned about the community, how people can help us and shared other ideas of what children think of them. Seahorse’s preparation was always fun, children made our teachers proud and most importantly Seahorse had a tangible excitement to have parents watching and be there supporting them. Children also did an amazing job at showing how well they can remember our vocabulary activities; every child was truly on fire!

Jellyfish class assembly was all about the theme of people that help us.  Jellyfish class dressed up as firefighters and each child was given the challenge of saying some words or a line in English.  The children’s parents helped them practise their words. Each child did amazingly well. Jellyfish children talked about what the job of a firefighter is and what equipment they need. The children then took part in a small drama and pretended to be working firefighters who put out a fire.  They acted out two songs for their parents, one was entitled “Changzhou’s Burning” to the traditional song of “London’s Burning” and the other one was “Here comes the Fire Truck”.  The children together thanked the parents for listening to their assembly.

What a fantastic show – we have some big dreamers in K2. We wish them the absolute best as they continue their life journey to become the policeman, fireman, pilots, doctors and lots more. Afterwards, the children invited their parents back to the classroom to enjoy their favourite stories and to show their learning journey. It was a very exciting day for children, parents and teachers and it was a wonderful opportunity to spend time together in our community.