Land Transportation

School News April 18, 2023
Land Transportation

When exploring new topics, it is always important to create fun and interesting introductory activities.

This week the children of the Sea Dragon Class started their exploration of land transportation. First, we introduced some of the different methods of transportation. To help the children remember their new words, we tried out different actions for each of them, like making a child train or doing the bicycle exercise.  

Songs are a great way to encourage the children to use their new English words. The children sang ‘The Wheels on the Bus’ and to add some extra fun, all the children had their own steering wheels. They had a great time driving.   

After looking at transport through exercises and indoor roleplay, the children were ready to talk about their own cars and take a drive. They were able to express which types of vehicles they wanted to drive during our carpet lesson. Moving on, the children were given the opportunity to draw their own roads and take a drive. Introducing a new topic can be difficult, but when the children are given different kinds of opportunities to learn, through songs, roleplay, etc., they can flourish.