World Book Day

School News May 09, 2023
World Book Day

WASCZ KG were very excited to celebrate World Book Day on Friday 21 April. The children dressed in their pyjamas to join in the fun and invited to donate any old books from home to share with their classmates. We believe that reading is a beautiful way to inspire children’s imagination, creativity and learning. We want to encourage them to discover new books and develop a lifelong love of reading.

Some classes started the day by reading “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” which focuses on the importance of respecting others' belongings and treating them how we would like others to treat our own belongings. After reading this book, the children enquired deeper into the concept of respect and used their ideas to create  a harmonious classroom community.

The children explored the book through many different activities. Art and crafts are always a great way to get the children involved in their own learning. Using their fine motor skills, the children made dancing bears. The children were able to choose which character they wanted to make from the story, Baby Bear, Mommy Bear, or Daddy bear.

Games are always a great way to help youngsters memorise the characters from the stories like "Goldilocks and the Three Bears." They offer a way to develop language and literacy skills in a fun, interactive and collaborative way. Each class took part in a game where the three bears had to capture Goldilocks while blind folded. Four children each acted as teams of the main characters.

The children had tremendous fun pretending to be Daddy Bear, Mummy Bear, Baby Bear and Goldilocks and they embarked on the journey of reenacting the story. Using props such as different sized bowls, chairs and beds enabled them to have a fully imaginative immersion into the story. The children that sat in the audience had enormous fun watching their friends play such magical roles.

Community connection was fostered in all classes through passionate parent volunteers. Thank you, parents, for sharing your aspirations and dreams and for connecting with the children to read stories and to facilitate discussion and reflection. The children were so excited to see new faces in the classroom and the children whose mommies came were so excited and introduced their parents to all the teachers and children one by one. Creating a story – school partnership is so important at WASCZ KG as our children deepen their learning experiences. What a fun day it was!