Ensuring Excellence: Visit from WASUK

School News June 14, 2023
Ensuring Excellence: Visit from WASUK

Last week, our school had the great honour of welcoming Mr. Patrick Sherrington, Chair of the International Committee at WASUK, and Ms. Diana Rose, a member of the committee. They visited our school in Changzhou to conduct inspections and evaluations regarding the implementation of the WAS Classroom teaching methods, boarding facilities, campus security, and teacher qualifications. The purpose of their visit was to ensure that WASCZ, as the sister school of WASUK, consistently meets the highest international standards.

WASCZ has been dedicated to holistic education for the past decade and has produced outstanding graduates who have stepped onto the world stage. Mr. Patrick Sherrington visited our campus when the school was founded ten years ago and has been actively involved in inspections and visits since then. Ms. Diana Rose, as the Chair of the Education Committee at WASUK, has extensive frontline teaching experience and has visited WASCZ multiple times. Both of them are old friends of WASCZ.

The seeds planted ten years ago at WASCZ have now grown into a lush and flourishing central garden. From here, the path winds its way to the rowing center, passing by the butterfly garden and the kindergarten farm. As the two visitors strolled through the campus, they couldn't help but praise the excellent ecological environment created for the students at WASCZ. Ms. Diana Rose emphasized the close relationship between the campus environment and well-being of the students. She was particularly impressed by the butterfly garden and the kindergarten farm.

At the rowing centre, the group coincidentally encountered groups of students returning from the lake, carrying boats and oars. Mr. Patrick Sherrington said, "I heard about the excellent results achieved by the students at the West Taihu lake International Rowing Regatta last week, and I congratulate them on their achievements."

Both visitors experienced the unique and distinctive break time at WASCZ and inspected the weekly logs of "Teddy Bear's Adventures" in each class of the kindergarten, as well as the students' journals. They gained an understanding of the development of the seven key areas of competence in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) in the kindergarten. Mr. David Robinson, the Head of Kindergarten, shared his insights into early childhood English education in China, saying, "There are still some differences in the learning of phonics and Chinese Pinyin. For example, the letter 'i' is pronounced as /i/ in Chinese Pinyin, but in many English pronunciations, it is pronounced as /aɪ/, which requires special attention in teaching."

As an internationally focused school, WASCZ attaches great importance to the entire process of children receiving English education. When Ms. Diana Rose had friendly conversations with students from various divisions, she specifically paid attention to their English learning and opportunities for practicing English at home. Furthermore, she and Mr. Patrick Sherrington entered the classrooms of the primary and secondary sections, carefully observing the collaborative teaching between foreign teachers and Chinese teaching assistants in Primary, check lesson plans, and also discussing different plants' preferences for soil, humidity, and temperature with upper school students who were conducting ECA research on " Aquaponics."

During lunchtime, Mr. Patrick Sherrington, Ms. Diana Rose, and representatives of the G6 students dined together and chatted about life at WASCZ. The students expressed their excitement about the boarding life and the opportunity to participate in more activities. They also showed great anticipation for September when they will wear the uniforms of Upper School and become secondary students.

In the afternoon, they also met sixth form students, providing highly constructive suggestions and advice regarding the students' career paths and the universities and majors they have been accepted to. It is worth mentioning that both secondary and primary school students enthusiastically shared their love for boarding life at school, living up to the recognition and affirmation from Boarding School Association as the "International School of the Year" for WASCZ. We will continue to strive for further excellence, aiming to create a more enriching boarding experience and a warm environment.

It's also worth mentioning that WASCZ is proud to announce our Xilingshi Scholarship for students who will enter our Grade 10 in September 2023. We want to support these exceptionally talented students and challenge them to excel at the school and beyond. 

Eligible Candidates: Students who will be joining our Grade 10 class in September 2023, demonstrating exceptional academic prowess, outstanding performance abilities, or remarkable creative talent.


1. A remission on tuition fees in three consecutive academic years which can be up to a full 100% reduction

2. A scholars’ tie or similar identification

3. Mentoring by a member of the academic staff; regular meetings to set targets and monitor progress

4. Regular meetings which provide intellectual challenges, research, debate, critical thought, and problem solving

5. Coaching to develop high aspirations for applications to Higher Education.

6. Invitations to external and internal lectures, debates, workshops, and events that cater for gifted students

7. Stretch and challenge’ activities tailored to individual needs

8. Several social events, including the annual Scholars’ Dinner

We warmly welcome interested parents and students to further inquire or register for the Xilingshi Scholarship at the Admissions Department of WASCZ.

"Quality" is a shared consensus among everyone. After enduring the long "winter" of the pandemic, we look forward to hearing more exciting news in the near future between the two schools regarding the pursuit of academic excellence, extensive international exchanges, and the fruitful collaboration.