Fostering Community Outreach: Students' Dedication Beyond Academics

School News August 09, 2023
Fostering Community Outreach: Students' Dedication Beyond Academics

In our day-to-day discourses, we often shed light on children's academic prowess, their sports achievements, and extracurricular exploits. Yet, seldom do we divert our gaze towards their contribution to the community—a cornerstone in nurturing a sense of empathy, responsibility, and social awareness. Today, we shift our focus to celebrate a unique story of dedication and outreach that involves the youngest members of our community: our primary school children.

Back in June 2023, our primary school children embarked on a benevolent journey. Putting on their chef hats, they hosted a vibrant bake sale, the aroma of which still lingers in our memories. But what was even more endearing was the noble cause behind the sale: raising funds for local children. In a wonderful twist, the proceeds gathered from the sale exceeded our wildest expectations, displaying the children’s exceptional drive and the community's heartwarming support.

Fast forward to Thursday, July 27, 2023, our school officials, including Mr. Kan, our Chinese Principal, and Mr. Ottewell, our Second Master, along with several esteemed colleagues, visited the Changzhou Children’s Welfare Institute. With hearts full of pride and heads held high, they submitted the funds raised by our diligent learners, thereby marking a momentous occasion in the school's history.

The practice of donating funds to Changzhou-based children’s institutes has been part of our school's ethos since 2019, serving as a testament to our commitment towards social responsibility. However, this particular visit was distinctive, not only for its purpose but also for the context. The school authorities were not granted access to the facility, a decision that upheld the safeguarding standards that we at WASCZ find paramount. This offered us a chance to witness firsthand how child-centered organizations operate, mirroring our own focus on children’s wellbeing and safety. It reiterated the importance of a safe environment for every child and shed light on the collective efforts required to achieve this objective.

Looking forward, we are exploring potential avenues of collaboration with the broader Changzhou community. We believe that working hand-in-hand with local institutions will not only strengthen our relationships but also create meaningful experiences and learnings for our students. By putting our children in the driver's seat of such initiatives, we aim to foster a sense of social consciousness and responsibility, attributes that are as critical as academic proficiency in shaping well-rounded individuals.

In the end, the story of our children's dedication to community outreach is a testament to the values we impart in them at WASCZ. Their selfless act goes beyond the realms of academics, sports, and other activities. It paints a picture of a generation that cares deeply about its community—a generation we can proudly call our future.