Letter from the Headmaster

School News September 05, 2023
Letter from the Headmaster

04 September 2023

Dear Parents,

It is a pleasure to write to you at the start of the new academic year and welcome the new families to our WAS Community.

WASCZ is a world class boarding and day school for children aged 3 to 18, providing an all-round, fully integrated bilingual education that prepares children for entry to the world’s top universities.

The school’s vision is to ensure that ‘Every child can excel’. At WASCZ we want all children to discover a love of learning; to progress from dependence upon their teachers and peers into independent thinkers and learners; and to mature with compassion and kindness, supporting the aspirations of those around them, sharing in their successes and, together, contributing to the local community and wider world.

Academic Results

This summer, our 84 graduating students received excellent A Level examination results and are now heading off around the world to study at prestigious universities in the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and the USA.

  • 40% of all grades were A* or A

  • 55% of all grades awarded for Mathematics and Sciences were A* or B

  • 75% of grades for subjects demanding first language English proficiency were A*, A or B

  • 25% of our graduates were awarded 3 or more A* or A grades, putting them in the top group of students globally and giving them access to the world’s top universities.

University Destinations

We are proud of the achievements of the Class of 2023 and wish them well as they continue their studies at elite institutions, including:

  • University of Cambridge

  • University of Oxford

  • Imperial College London

  • University College London

  • The Royal Northern College of Music

  • University of Manchester

  • University of the Arts London

  • Goldsmith’s College London

  • Kings College London

  • University of Edinburgh

  • University of Warwick

  • University of Leeds

  • University of Glasgow

  • University of Birmingham

  • University of Melbourne (AUS)

  • University of Sydney (AUS)

  • University of Toronto (CAN)

  • University of York (CAN)

  • Berklee College (USA)

Community Activities

We are looking forward to an uninterrupted year of events and I look forward to inviting families onto campus to support our students in a variety of activities, including concerts, performances, exhibitions, sports fixtures, assemblies, fairs, and social activities. We will be showcasing the work of our students across Houses and Grades.

WAS 10th Anniversary Event

Last year, the WAS Group marked 10 years providing holistic education in Changzhou. We are now able to invite you to celebrate this milestone with us, as we bring together our community for events at our WASCZ campus on Saturday 21 October. Please save the date. Further information and formal invitations will be heading your way very soon!

Highlights for the New School Year

After a busy summer, we are very pleased to announce the following exciting additional to life at WASCZ this year:

KG Garden, Forest & Farm:  to provide an interactive outdoor learning environment for our youngest children as they grow and exceed their developmental goals.

House system to KG: to extend the House team system into KG so that our youngest children are even more part of the whole school and its fun competitions.

Day-Boarding option for LS:  to provide flexibility for families at the end of the school day, so that our G1-6 Day students can either return home after 16:30 or stay in school to complete independent study or participate in further extra-curricular programmes, then have their dinner with friends before returning home at after 18:00.

International Scholars in G11: to further develop our global partnerships and international cooperation, we have accepted 10 students from the UK into G11 to live and work alongside our existing students. Together, we hope they will develop bilingually and socially, learning from each other and sharing world views.

Integrated Curriculum:  to fully prepare our students for international futures, we have reviewed and re-written our core curriculum plans, merging the essential content of the Chinese National Curriculum with the Cambridge International Curriculum, ensuring that the best international practice in teaching and English language learning is embedded across all subjects.

Global Perspectives (GP): to engage the students in real world issues and critical thinking, we have developed a new course that will be compulsory in G1-12. Students will research, debate, and develop arguments in seven key areas: Identity and Place; Rights & Opportunities; Water & Food Security; Energy & Consumption; Finance & Poverty; Conflict & Peace; and Globalisation & Pandemic.

Engineering Design & Technology (EDT): to develop an understanding and skills associated with modern technology and their application into real life, we have established a new faculty in the school. Using our three new laboratories joining our existing computer science facilities, students will embark upon projects that test their design, problem solving, collaboration, engineering, programming, and logical skills.

Internet School Administration and Management System (iSAMS):  to provide more efficient data management and student tracking facilities, we have launched the internationally recognised iSAMS system this semester. Further information will be sent out soon from the school with access details for families. It will be used for delivering Academic and Holistic Reports to parents throughout the year.

International Trips & Expeditions:  to extend the learning opportunities of our students well beyond the classroom and enable them to see more of the world together, we are very pleased to announce that we will be running trips to: the United Kingdom (history, culture, language, higher education and an international rowing regatta); France & Switzerland (science and technology); Spain (language and culture); Germany & Austria (music and preforming arts); New Zealand (rugby & netball tours); Japan (culture, art and design). In addition to these we will be extending our Duke of Edinburgh International Award provision, with a variety of camps and expeditions in China throughout the year to support the students obtaining bronze, silver, and gold awards.

Rowing & Sailing Club:  to provide more watersports opportunities for our students, we have added six optimist dinghies to our fleet of boats, allowing us to offer sailing as a regular activity on Xitaihu.

I would like to conclude by thanking you for your continued support and for trusting us with your children. And I look forward to welcoming you at several different events throughout the year.

With every good wish,

Dr Paul Silverwood

WASCZ Head Master