Celebrating Cambridge English Success

School News October 17, 2023
Celebrating Cambridge English Success

On the 22nd of September 2023, WAS Changzhou had the privilege of hosting its inaugural joint Lower and Upper School Cambridge English Celebration event. This remarkable occasion brought our school community together to celebrate the exceptional accomplishments of our students. This incredible journey is made possible through our partnership with Cambridge English, a globally recognised language learning system developed by the prestigious Cambridge University in the UK.

Earlier this year, WASCZ earned official authorisation from the University of Cambridge English Assessment to become a Cambridge English exam centre. Since then, we've consistently upheld the rigorous standards set by Cambridge English in our daily classroom practices. Our dedication to excellence extends to organising students to participate in Cambridge level assessments, providing them with invaluable real-time feedback on their language proficiency.

The event commenced with immense pride as we honored the extraordinary achievements of two of our Grade 8 Upper School students, Y. Chen (Cavell) and Z. Wu (Somerville). These dedicated young individuals achieved something truly exceptional by completing their Main Suites Exams of Cambridge English (MSE) a year ahead of most of their peers. The MSE, a pivotal milestone, marks the transition of our Lower School students into the Upper School and marks the continuation of their English journey right up to 6th form.

Our approach to Cambridge Young Learners' English in the Lower School is dynamic, engaging, and inspirational. The engaging assessment content reflects the daily activities and language environments familiar to children worldwide. Through our new system, we are able to deliver meticulously designed topics, assessment methods, answering techniques, and test paper formats to align with the psychological development and cognitive levels of children. This approach ensures our young learners can progressively build confidence in their English language skills through these assessments.

In June, our pioneering 14 Lower School students took the assessment. Eight of them have since advanced to Grade 7 in our Upper School, while the remaining six have progressed from Grade 5 to Grade 6. These young trailblazers from WASCZ Lower School were immensely proud to be the first in our school to receive the Cambridge Young Learners' English certificates.


  • C. Chen(G8 Cavell)

  • J. Wu(G8 Somerville)


  • G. Lu (G7 Dove)

  • A. Schiller (G7 Dove)

  • R. Shaikh (G7 Hawking)

  • Y. Woo (G7 Somerville)

  • Y. Chen (G7 Somerville)

  • S. Yang (G7 Fonteyn)

Cambridge English is not just an assessment; it is our new gateway to endless opportunities. It represents a journey toward language mastery, recognised and respected on a global scale. Our unwavering commitment to incorporating this prestigious system into our school underscores our dedication to providing your children with the very best in English language education. Our goal is to make learning not only accessible but also an enjoyable and enriching experience for all.

We emphasise the significance of Cambridge English in shaping the future of our students. This journey extends beyond assessments; it's about recognition, confidence, and empowerment. We extend our warmest wishes to all our students as they continue their English language learning journey, one that we hope will be both fruitful and enjoyable.

At WASCZ, we believe in shaping futures through the power of language and look forward to taking your children on this extraordinary journey.