Water Play fun!

School News October 26, 2023
Water Play fun!

At WASCZ, we always strive to learn through play by providing our children with meaningful experiences and using plenty of real-life resources which enable them to make links to our day-to-day life. Our newly created water garden has been a popular choice for the children during our outdoor learning periods.

Fine and gross motor skills development

Water play provides opportunities for the development of both fine and gross motor skills, especially when the children have access to resources which allow them to pour, squirt, stir and squeeze. Actions like these will support the children to acquire much needed skills for writing, painting and other important actions which require the use of fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Mathematical skill development

Children naturally love playing with water which makes this area incredibly engaging and a perfect opportunity to introduce Mathematical concepts such as capacity and volume. Using different types of containers, the children can have fun comparing how much the jugs can hold and learn about the concepts of full/empty and more/less simply in their own experimentation.

Turn-taking opportunities!

Another fundamental skill the children begin to develop in the early stages of their lives, is turn-taking. They begin to understand how to share the resources available as well as providing them with opportunities for problem solving and co-operation. Discussing and finding ways to fill a large bowl using jugs, spoons or funnels enables the children to also develop their friendships and communication skills.

Creative/Imaginative Play

Using small world resources, the children can make their own stories, interact with one-another and engage in imaginative role play games. One of our favourite games is using the water animals, reefs and water plants available to become immersed on an underwater world where fish can swim to find “food” between the coral and discover other places by swimming there.

The water area proves to be one of our most popular areas due to being such a versatile resource for the children to access each day and it is one of the best kinds of play for young children. Not only due to supporting the development of all areas of learning but also because it engages children’s natural curiosity and exploration senses.