Little Builders Building Big Dreams

School News October 26, 2023
Little Builders Building Big Dreams

In a child's world, construction brings them endless joy. Through self-exploration, group planning, and collaborative construction, children create various shapes and themes through an open construction environment and rich construction materials and experience the joy of collaborating with peers in games. In our outdoor garden, there is our own construction world. Come and admire our construction works!

This October, the children and teachers are enjoying the sunshine, and the children have enthusiastically started their own creations. They have used construction methods such as extension, stacking, overhead, enclosure, symmetry, and centre point support to construct, and combined their existing life experience to creatively conceive and cleverly construct. Through the children's cooperation, and skillful construction, vivid works were presented one by one, such as my kindergarten, the amusement park, the road from my home to kindergarten, the pagoda, the school of the future, the city of the future, etc. These works have vivid images and themes closely related to the lives of children.

We have invited our own construction game, in which our children’s autonomy has been encouraged. There have been to boundaries to possible options and children have tested their ideas through experimentation, trial-and-error and serious discussion..

Reflecting on their achievements, the children have been proud of their creativity and we have been amazed by their perseverance and motivation.

Through our simple construction game we are building confidence, responsibilities and independence.