School News November 01, 2023

It is the images of earth from the Chinese Tiangong Space station and the life of taikonauts inside a shuttle that set the scene and ignited the curiosity in the Grade 2W learners at WASCZ. The discussion of the Chinese space race triggered our learning about earth, the sun, moon, stars and planets while developing our speaking and listening skills.

This learning journey about space was presented in an integrated learning approach, involving subjects like Science, English, Technology and Art. Children were immersed in a plethora of vocabulary in all the learning areas. Curiosity led us to research why Pluto was no longer regarded as a planet.

The students were very excited to engage in various tasks applying their creativity towards the phases of the moon using Oreo biscuits. What a yummy and fun exploration of learning.

The class further used their artistic skills to create images of a sunrise and sunset. We even attempted an oil pastel of the famous “Starry night” by Vincent Van Gogh while listening to music the song Starry night by Simon and Garfunkel.

Children worked in teams, developing their interpersonal skills, as well as problem solving to design a replica of the Chang’e-4 lunar probe with recyclable material. They had to decide on the different materials required to ensure the probe could balance on a rocky surface that resembled the moon’s surface.

In English class, we furthered our communication skills when we read books about the earth, reemphasizing new vocabulary like rotating, revolving, longitude and latitude taught in the Science lessons.  

We also had lots of fun, acting out a drama from a text entitled “Introducing the Earth”.

Students penned their understanding of the sun in a creative way and created mini booklets about the moon and stars combining multiple skills.

To wrap up our learning journey, after much discussion about the sun, moon, and stars we plan to make planet mobiles using reusable material. These we will be presented in our classroom in an ‘out of this word’ display while listening to a song about the planets.