Kindergarten Trip to the Wizarding Autumn

School News November 23, 2023
Kindergarten Trip to the Wizarding Autumn

Every child admires the wizarding world of Harry Potter, where we can change things in an instant with a magical spell. In the real world, nature is the greatest wizard, and every change of season is a magnificent and spectacular magic show. In the beautiful autumn scenery, all the teachers and students in WASCZ Kindergarten went to Dayouqiu Permaculture Farm for a wizarding Autumn journey!

When we arrived, the children were immediately attracted by the elegant landscaped gardens in front of them and the beautiful scenery of Taihu Lake on the other side. We took shuttle buses to the lakeside meadow and began to meet a challenge from the wizarding world:  The Pony Kingdom is in danger and needs help! The fairies need many little warriors to overcome four barriers, then transport the magic fruit to the wizard to exchange for keys to the wonder garden.

With courage and determination, the children helped the fairies to get the keys. Then the fairies needed to make a potion to save the pony, and the missing herbs were all in the wonder garden. Little warriors opened their five senses searching everywhere, and went to the elves to confirm if they had found the correct herbs.The children collected their  ingredients, and they said spells with the fairies.  We enjoyed a delicious lunch while waiting for the potion.

After the potion was made, the children came to the Tik Tik Pony Club and met the ponies waiting to be "saved"! The children had many lovely questions, and a professional breeder explained to the children add about the ponies' habits, and the key to making friends with ponies. The children watched the horses intently and fed them very gently, exclaiming in a whisper, "They are so cute!"

On our adventure, we had walked out of the kindergarten and into the Autumn with listening, feeling and thinking. The children interacted with plants and animals in nature, understanding the power of respecting life and growth.  What magic Autumn brings to children's physical and mental development!