G1 Science Fair

School News November 24, 2023
G1 Science Fair

On November 3rd, 2023, the first graders at WASCZ put on an exciting science fair all about our five senses! Ms. Hany, the Head of Lower School, kicked off the event with a warm welcome. The students, who were the stars of the show, dazzled everyone with their performances and presentations, showcasing what they learned with the help of both local and international teachers.

The fair was interactive and fun, with five special stations set up by each class. Each station was a sensory adventure:

1. Smell: Students created a smell challenge with perfumes, medicines, and other unique scents, daring the guests to guess what they were smelling.

2. Taste: Here, everyone got to taste different fruits, make juice, and even create fruit salads – a deliciously interactive experience!

3. Hearing: This station was a feast for the ears! Some students played instruments, others made maracas, and there were even homemade telephones to play with sounds.

4. Touch: Guests had to feel different textures hidden in boxes and bags, trying to guess what they were just by touch.

5. Sight: This was all about beautiful designs made with tissue, watercolors, and markers. Plus, there were some amazing insects to see!

The parents were heavily involved too, visiting each station, and giving out golden stickers to the brave and eager young learners. It was a day full of learning, fun, and pride!

This fair wasn't just about science; it was about growing holistically. At Wycombe Abbey Changzhou, we believe in nurturing not just academic skills but also social growth. These young minds are being prepared for the bigger world outside, learning to be positive, knowledgeable, and empathetic global citizens.