4A Enrichment Camp: Conquering Our Fears; Obstacle Course Rope Climbing.

School News November 29, 2023
4A Enrichment Camp: Conquering Our Fears; Obstacle Course Rope Climbing.

4A students during the recent Enrichment Camp had to challenge themselves with conquering a rope climbing course.  This course included unstable bridges, crossed shaped balance beam, single line bridge and pipe bridge with high and low elements for them to navigate. It was a challenge for both personal development and team building skills. 

It was a fun and an engaging outdoor activity that put their physical endurance to a test as they had to substantially make use of the muscles in the hands, forearms and upper arms, an excellent option for fitness.

The students had to employ their balancing skills and fully concentrate on the use of their lower legs, ensuring the movement and support of their ankles. They were so focused,, balanced and determined not to fall off as they went through the entire course.

The challenges of the course must have helped instill some positive personality characteristics like self-esteem and trust in them as they kept pushing to reach certain personal achievements within the course, consequently building their self-confidence. As they made their way through the challenges and obstacles they communicated and coordinated effectively, as well as supported each other. They also cheered each other on, encouraged teammates, creating a positive environment that reinforced their achievements.

Initially, most of the students were apprehensive, but the goal of completing a high rope course and the feeling of conquering each obstacle gradually built their self-assurance.  Some of the students who finished early decided to have another go at the course, not only to master the course, also because they enjoyed it so much.