Exciting Adventures at the Enrichment Camp

School News December 25, 2023
Exciting Adventures at the Enrichment Camp

WASCZ hosted an exhilarating Enrichment Camp that saw over 600 students from both the Lower and Upper School come together for an unforgettable week of learning and fun.

The Grade 1 to 3, students engaged in an array of thrilling activities including raft building, boat races, and campus orienteering. What's more, Grade 2 and 3 students even had the chance to spend a few nights in tents, immersing themselves in a proper camping experience. These activities not only served as a source of enjoyment but also instilled important life skills like empathy and outdoor play.

Over in Yixing, Grade 4 students explored the captivating tea and pottery culture, taking part in hiking, bamboo canoeing, and low ropes challenges. They even had the unique opportunity to visit a cave and create their very own teapots at a DIY workshop.

In Suzhou, Grade 5 students delved into high-adventure activities like kayaking, raft building, and rock climbing, focusing on building confidence and teamwork skills.

The Grade 6 students combined adventure and cultural exploration  in Anji and even participated in a service project at the local elderly centre, where they helped to build benches and engaged in lively conversations, showcasing their talents.

Throughout the camp, students were able to participate in various outdoor activities, team-building exercises, and workshops on social development. They embraced opportunities to challenge themselves, build confidence, and develop teamwork skills. The camp provided a supportive environment for them to step out of their comfort zones and make lasting friendships.