K2 Multicultural Learning Journey

School News January 30, 2024
K2 Multicultural Learning Journey

Multicultural learning for young children refers to the use of various methods and approaches in early childhood education to enable them to understand and interact with different cultures, customs, traditions, and values, and to cultivate their awareness of multiculturalism and inclusivity. Our K2 children in WAS also have the opportunity to be exposed to diverse national cultures during their learning journey. We are also very fortunate to have parents participate and experience the cultural customs of Australia, the Dominican Republic, and New Zealand with our children.

The importance of multicultural learning for young children lies in helping them establish open cultural concepts, promoting their cross-cultural communication and interaction abilities, enhancing their understanding and respect for multiculturalism, and cultivating their global awareness and international perspective.

In this activity, children from seahorse class learned to sing in Spanish and learned about the food, traditional candies, and dance of the Dominican Republic. The children danced "bachata" with their parents, played "robalagallina" games, and created a traditional Dominican cuisine called "mangú".

Tena Koe and Kina Kina are Maori language songs from New Zealand. The children learned to sing along with the teacher, which was very cute. We discussed a dance in New Zealand called "POI Dance", which involves the use of POI balls. The children and their parents worked together to make the POI ball, and all the parents were invited and brought us a wonderful New Zealand dance.

Multicultural learning for young children can be carried out through a variety of teaching activities, including painting, crafts, and other methods, allowing young children to experience.

In the process of exploring Australian culture, children read an Australian story called "The Place where the Forest and the Ocean Meet". We held a craft activity where children had the opportunity to decorate their boomerangs. They used sticks and paint to replicate traditional indigenous Australian dot painting style and paintbrushes to add in the lines.

At the end of our exploration journey, the children and parents watched a traditional Chinese zodiac puppet drama together, experiencing Chinese New Year atmosphere with laughter and joy. Through multicultural learning for young children, it can help them establish an inclusive outlook on life and values. Therefore, multicultural learning for young children has important significance and role in early childhood education.