The ‘Stay in Spring’ Campaign

School News April 02, 2024
The ‘Stay in Spring’ Campaign

Spring has returned to the earth, and everything is recovering. Spring for people is the initial season of everything, is the beginning of thriving; for nature is the season of rooting and sprouting, is the initial of all life; for children, spring is the season of exploration, is a good time to grow with nature, is to bring children into nature, feel the good time of nature education.

Children can go in nature to feel the changes and magic of the weather, to explore the mystery of all natural things, to appreciate the beautiful and magnificent natural scenery ...... Children can also sprout a beautiful personality and mind in nature.

In the season of spring blossoms, we follow the children's inner desire for nature, and carry out fun outdoor activities, so let's keep the spring together!

"There are a lot of flowers blooming in the kindergarten garden, colorful, each one is different, so beautiful!" Children always notice the beauty around them when they are outdoors, they observe carefully and are also full of curiosity. What are the names of these flowers? How long will they bloom? If they fade, will they never be seen again? With these questions, we learned more about these flowers.

After learning about the flowers, the children loved them even more! They wanted to preserve the beauty of the flowers before they wilted, so we started the ‘Stay in Spring’ campaign! The children searched for their favorite plants in the garden and used them to show their own vision of spring. In the interaction with nature, we do not interrupt their experience, and there is no right or wrong, good or bad, leaving them plenty of time to think and create. They are encouraged to share their discoveries and harvests.

Children enjoy the process of collecting flowers and making them, while developing a greater love for nature and spring. They will discuss together, give each other suggestions, share with their peers with excitement, and will be eager to show to their families and teachers. Children develop in all aspects of their activities.

It is important for young children to learn and grow in nature. Allowing children to explore, learn and experience in nature promotes the holistic development of children. At the same time, through recognizing and understanding nature, children can establish a harmonious relationship with nature and become the most vital future citizens of the earth.

Let's learn in nature, progress in outdoor activities and daily life, and grow to be better man together!