KG Trip

School News April 02, 2024
KG Trip

In this age of curiosity, the little cuties from WASCZ Kindergarten embarked on a wonderful study tour - a big exploration of the milk factory!

Firstly, they tasted fresh milk, felt its sweetness, labeled their mark on the "milk droplet", and put it into the milk box, embarking on their journey of milk exploration.

Stop 1:Milk experiment

The staff showed the children how to add vinegar and other substances to the milk, and then turn it into a material similar to plastic. This process made the children exclaimed in amazement and also aroused their curiosity.

Stop 2: Simulated Milking Experience

The kids turned into "little milkers" and carefully experienced the process of milking, learning about the source of milk and developing their caring for animals.

Stop 3: Discovering the Mysteries of Milk Processing

The children seemed to step into a huge science lab and witnessed the magical process of fresh milk being transformed into various delicious dairy products through huge machines. They were amazed as they watched, feeling the charm of technology.

Stop 4: Yogurt Making Challenge

Here comes the highlight! Under the careful guidance of the staff, the children made their own yogurt by hand. Watching the yogurt solidify in the cup, pride, and satisfaction filled their faces.

Through this study activity, children not only learned about milk but also experienced the charm of science and the joy of labor. I hope this activity can plant the seeds of science and exploration in their young hearts so that they can continue to maintain their curiosity and thirst for knowledge about the world on their future growth path.

Look forward to the next study adventure together!