Explore Nature's Music: Make musical instruments and experience unpitched instruments!

School News May 06, 2024
Explore Nature's Music: Make musical instruments and experience unpitched instruments!

Recently, in this beautiful spring season, we moved our music class to the lawn in order to create a unique musical experience! Using twigs, leaves and small stones from the surrounding area, the children made simple unpitched instruments and used them to create wonderful rhythms and melodies to accompany the music.

First, we discussed the difference between sand hammer and piano in the classroom, and it became apparent to the children that sand hammers produce mainly a percussive sound with no clear pitch. So, we thought further about what we could fill a paper cup with to make this sound. We went out to the beautiful lawn, and I put a few leaves that had fallen to the ground into the prepared cup and shook it, and the children became excited when they heard the sound. Next, some children realized that the sound was more pronounced when they put in small stones. It turns out that the shape and size of the object affects the sound of the paper cup.

Each child put something in their paper cup, and we saw some small seeds, a few twigs and even some small shells. Then, with the help of our teachers, we glued the lids on the cups and shook them. Gosh, we had all kinds of unpitched instruments!

Now it's time to start playing! We started by using the instruments to accompany the songs we had learned before, and then the children used it to create different rhythms and melodies according to their own creativity and ideas. They experimented with many different beats and speeds, making different sounds and creating their own musical compositions.

While enjoying the music, each of us discovered the difference between musical instruments, and that although there is a difference between pitched and unpitched instruments, they can both play beautiful songs.