Exploring the World of Mini Beasts

School News June 04, 2024
Exploring the World of Mini Beasts

Children love all things creepy crawly! They show so much interest when discovering new bugs, or finding their favourites. We are lucky at our Kindergarten to have an amazing outdoor area that has many places for the children to explore and of course many places for bugs to live and thrive. During "bugs and insects" week the children have taken full advantage of this and spent many lessons outside exploring the garden trying to discover new bugs. Giving children the opportunity to explore nature on their own is so important and it really helps develop a sense of curiosity, wonder, responsibility and respect for our natural world.

How Many Bugs Can You Find?

At school we always encourage the children to explore and experience as many things as possible. During this activity they were provided a magnifying glass and led out into the garden to search for as many bugs as they could find. You could really sense the wonder and interest as the children explored all corners of the garden trying to find the next exciting bug. There were constant shouts when a child exclaimed the bug they discovered “I find a butterfly!” “Look a spider” “Look at all the ants in the trees”.

Where Do Bugs Live?

After searching for and learning about as many bugs as we could the children had a discussion about where were the different places we can find all of these amazing creatures. We discussed the kinds of bugs we found amidst the flowers, which ones lived on the trees and which ones we found inside buildings. Then we discussed what kinds of natural materials we can also find in these locations, such as wood, grass, flowers and rocks. Then the children explored the garden once more and collected as many of these natural materials as possible.

Building a Bug Hotel

After collecting all of our natural materials the children then had the chance to build bug hotels to place around our kindergarten garden so we can observe all the different varieties of bugs that we have discovered. They were given a large plastic bottle between two students and worked together to place the natural materials that they had collected and also some that had been provided to create a wonderful living environment that they could hang in trees. This activity was very good for the children as they really had to think about what materials the bugs would like and where the best places to put the bug hotels were to attract the mini beasts. This activity was also fantastic for building communication skills as the children built their bug hotels in groups. What a fulfilling day for the children filled with nature, exploration, wonder and discovery.


The children were so proud of the finished products and placed them in perfect locations. I’m sure the bugs and insects are going to love their new homes!