How We Celebrated Children’s Day at WASCZ Kindergarten?

School News June 04, 2024
How We Celebrated Children’s Day at WASCZ Kindergarten?

With the month of June, the spirit of childhood, innocence, laughter and joy comes in the spotlight. It’s the month kids look up to every year. Yes, you guessed it right. It’s the month of Children’s Day Celebration.

To celebrate Children’s Day, we all dressed up as our favourite book characters, which prompted interesting conversations about the fairy tales stories and what made them so special for each of them.

Cooking with our little ones can be one of the best ways to create enjoyable, memorable school moments—especially when that cuisine is the beloved pizza.

When it comes to preparing food with children, things can get delightfully messy, and that’s all part of the Pizza fun! With our handy tips and recipes, crafting pizza can evolve into a truly enjoyable experience filled with smiles and bonding moments. Most importantly, our children enjoyed tasting it as much as making it and felt valued to be the master chefs.

Our children also joined the fun-filled activities at our Game Zone. Letting them immerse themselves in a world of excitement, with interactive challenges, provided an excellent opportunity for the children to bond beyond class, enhancing their social skills while reveling in pure, enjoyment.

To make this day even more special, Lower School students performed a piece of drama – The Three Little Pigs – for the Kindergarten children in the school theatre. The experience of sitting in a theatre and sharing the excitement of a captivating show fosters not just entertainment but also sparks imagination and creativity.

This was such a lovely experience for our children. Thank you to all our staff, parents and the WASCZ community for making such a great effort for making this day possible.