Lent Term Music Recital 2016/17

School News March 17, 2017
Lent Term Music Recital 2016/17

Here at Wycombe Abbey we structure our holistic music education according to what the best music conservatories in the U.K would offer. Life as a music pupil is not just about having weekly one-to-one lessons with a specialist teacher. Our tutors monitor pupils’ practice frequently. We have regular performances classes for all instruments. We organise music excursions for pupils to watch the world’s best performing live. We invite leading musicians to give workshops to our pupils either in person or online. At the end of each term, pupils are asked to perform in front of their peers and each performance is assessed by a full-time staff at the School.

On Friday 17 March, we had over 150 pupils presenting what they have accomplished this term in seven difference locations. Our adjudicators were most amazed by the progress our young musicians have achieved in a short time. Overall, 35 pupils who received an A grade were presented with Certificates of Achievement signed the Headmaster. Many congratulations to all the participants who took part in this important event of the music calendar:

C. Li (Cello); F. Meng (Cello); C. Xu (Cello); P. Yang (Cello); E. Li (Drum Kit); S. Zhao (Drum Kit); J. Ji (Drum Kit); S. Zhu (Drum Kit); S. Chen (Drum Kit); D. Guan (Drum Kit); J. Zeng (Drum Kit); C. Gu (Drum Kit); J. Dong (Drum Kit); J. Liu (Drum Kit); A. Li (Drum Kit); H. Chu (Guitar); J. Liu (Guitar); A. Fu (Guitar); A. Fu (Guitar); S. Ren (Guitar); N. Wang (Guitar); E. Fei (Guitar); J. Han (Guitar); J. Zhang (Guitar); M. Zhang (Guitar); M. Yang (Guitar); L. Zhang (Guitar); E. Gao (Guitar); J. Guan (Guitar); J. Ding (Guitar); T. Ding (Guitar); C. Wang (Guitar); K. Yin (Guitar); C. Qi (Guitar); L. Liu (Guitar); W. Hua (Guitar); W. Zhou (Guitar); S. Ma (Guitar); C. Shi (Guitar); H. Tao (Guitar); K. Gu (Guitar); C. Shi (Guitar); J. Chen (Guitar); H. Pu (Guitar); H. Liao (Guitar); J. Zhang (Guitar); T. Sun (Guitar); T. Tang (Guitar); J. Wang (Guitar); J. zhang (Guitar); E. Shi (Guitar); J. Zhou (Guitar); T. Ma (Piano); M. Wang (Piano); J. Li (Piano); J. Zhang (Piano); D. Ji (Piano); X. Xia (Piano); A. Zhang (Piano); L. Bai (Piano); K. Dewaele (Piano); A. Kititi (Piano); Y. VAUTHERIN (Piano); J. Chen (Piano); K. Zhang (Piano); P. Fu (Piano); J. Zhu (Piano); K. Gu (Piano); M. VAUTHERIN (Piano); K. Ye (Piano); Y. Ding (Piano); G. Fu (Piano); Y. Zhang (Piano); S. Zhuang (Piano); K. Ma (Piano); L. Shen (Piano); S. Zhang (Piano); T. Shen (Piano); D. Gao (Piano); F. Lu (Piano); E. Wen (Piano); M. Li (Piano); W. Lin (Piano); C. Chen (Piano); C. Guo (Piano); C. Zhu (Piano); A. Wang (Piano); D. Xu (Piano); B. HuangMu (Piano); R. Jiang (Piano); L. Ye (Piano); J. Zhang (Piano); R. Peng (Piano); J. Zhou (Piano); M. Xia (Piano); M. Han (Piano); H. Zhang (Piano); F. Fei (Piano); T. Liu (Piano); S. Li (Piano); D. Zheng (Piano); A. Shen (Piano); A. Yue (Piano); C. Zhang (Piano); A. Wen (Piano); J. Jiang (Piano); J. Qiu (Piano); J. Guan (Piano); O. Liu (Piano); W. Zhang (Piano); H. Hao (Piano); L. Lu (Piano); D. Qian (Piano); J. Sun (Piano); J. Zhou (Piano); L. Liu (Piano); S. Jin (Piano); L. Xu (Piano); H. Gu (Piano); E. Pan (Piano); H. Sui (Piano); M. Xu (Piano); S. Wang (Piano); B. Han (Piano); K. Chen (Piano); K. Lin (Piano); J. Jiang (Piano); S. Sheng (Piano); H. Jiang (Piano); C. Zhang (Saxophone); E. Zhang (Saxophone); P. Li (Saxophone); J. Zang (Saxophone); N. Zheng (Saxophone); W. Li (Saxophone); N. Zhang (Saxophone); L. Wang (Saxophone); M. Shen (Violin); S. Van Welden (Violin); Eric. Li (Violin); W. Mei (Violin); C. Shang (Violin); G. Chen (Violin); J. Shi (Violin); C. Yang (Violin); S. Shi (Violin); P. Tao (Violin); J. Zhou (Violin); T. Shi (Violin); K. Wan (Violin); S. Zhuang (Violin); N. Ni (Violin); A. Shao (Violin); C. Qian (Violin); S. Li (Violin); D. Zhang (Violin); G. Yu (Violin)