KG 1 Class Trip to MEWE

School News May 16, 2017
KG 1 Class Trip to MEWE

On Tuesday 16th May the Jellyfish and Angelfish classes went on a class trip to MEWE.  The children were excited to be going on the school bus and were looking through the windows to see what they could see.  Upon arriving at MEWE the children were so excited and couldn’t wait to get off the bus where we were greeted by MEWE staff.  Each class was split into 2 groups where they explored the water play area which had water wheels, balls bouncing on top of water spouts, water sprays and water pumps for the children to experiment and discover what they could do.  

Another area was the Nursery where the children go to put on nurse hats and care for the babies.  All the babies were undressed before being given and bath.  They were then redressed, cuddled and fed bottles before being put back to bed.

The children all got to be a fire fighter, put on fire hats, extinguish the fire and learn all about fire safety and what to do if there is a fire.  Next they played in the huge ball pit, on the wooden boat with ladders and slides and climb on the inflatable toys.  Some of the children thought it was fun to throw the balls at the teachers.  They had fun and were very well behaved.