Making New Friends in Ocean World

School News May 11, 2017
Making New Friends in Ocean World

On Thursday, May 11th, Clownfish and Octopus classes went on an educational outing to Ocean World in Changzhou. The KG3 classes have been learning about ocean animals and were very excited to see some of the amazing creatures they had been discussing. The tour started with a fantastic live seal show during which the seal performed many remarkable tricks.

The tour continued through the underwater world and the children were exposed to giant eagle rays, penguins, stingrays, sharks, and many kinds of incredible fish species. Just before lunch, the children were lucky enough to witness both the mermaid and fish-feeding shows. It was amazing to see the diver handfeeding fish to giant stingrays bigger than the children. What a thrilling morning!

For lunch, we went to a very nice restaurant in a hotel where we were served a very nutritious and delicious meal. Then it was back underwater we went to fill in our information booklets. We saw huge sharks and many kinds of beautiful jellyfish and even horseshoe crabs! Soon it was time to go back to school, so we said goodbye to our new underwater friends and boarded the bus. What a fantastic day!