2016/17 Horse Riding Report

School News May 21, 2017
2016/17 Horse Riding Report

Pupils from Primary and Secondary have been going to Jinghuyi Horse-riding Equestrian centre to learn horsemanship skills this academic year.

Some of the skills learnt include; grooming the horse; preparing and looking after the tack; tacking up the horse for riding; and of course how to ride a horse. The course also teachers the pupils about Horse anatomy and physiology – the mechanics of how a horse walks, trots, canters, and gallops. As you can appreciate, it is not easy organising those four legs at varying speeds!

On Sunday 21st May, the last session for the 2016/17 academic year we saw our pupils take their level 1 and level 2 examinations. In the morning, they took a theory paper exam, followed by a practical assessment of their stable work. In the afternoon pupils were assessed in their abilities in the saddle. We are pleased to report that all our pupils passed!

It has been a wonderful year for the Horse Riding Club, and we look forward to sharing new news of our pupils successes as they start to enter competitions and take more qualifications.