2016/17 Sailing Report

School News June 05, 2017
2016/17 Sailing Report

As the summer sailing season for Wycombe Abbey pupils comes to an end we look back at the unique opportunity they had to sail on the large Lake called Wujin Xitai at the Xing He Yang Fan aquatics sports centre.

Pupils acquired new skills on how to turn, work out the direction of the wind and clean their boats when finished.

They learnt about the rules for traffic on water, such as when to give way to other boats including new sailing vocabulary like - port, starboard, tack and tiller.

Pupils can use the tiller and ropes to control the main sail and can sail around a rectangular course using all the skills gained from the sailing course.

Pupils said they enjoyed their sailing most when they were in control of the boat – being the captain! But it was also good to be part of a working team.

Our pupils’ enthusiasm is demonstrated by all wanting to return to sailing next year. There is also the bonus of a certificate of competency, to be awarded by a Royal Yachting Association accredited dinghy instructor, for all those who achieve the required standard.

A special mention must go to Mr. Taylor, Mrs. Kelly and Mr. Ge who helped our pupils to achieve these high standards.