Jiangsu Regional U16 Hockey Invitation

School News July 18, 2017
Jiangsu Regional U16 Hockey Invitation

As a result of strengthening links between Wycombe Abbey International School and China Hockey, the intermediate girls’ team were invited to participate in a joint training session with the Jiangsu regional U16 team at the National Hockey Centre in Changzhou.

The Wycombe girls were paired with a regional player and given 1-1 advice and coaching on how to improve their stick skills, passing and shooting. The two goalkeepers were also given individual coaching on kicking and saving with the stick.

The Headmaster said "I am incredibly proud of our girls. I was a little nervous at how they would react to the Jiangsu team, given their excellent hockey level, but I was not to be disappointed. They are even more enthusiastic about hockey than before and eager to learn. I am incredibly lucky to have had Mr Dearden drive our Hockey development and recent success.

'The session was a huge success and is hopefully the first in a long-lasting partnership between Wycombe Abbey and Jiangsu Hockey.