University Bound - Outstanding Examination Results at WAISCZ

School News July 20, 2017
University Bound - Outstanding Examination Results at WAISCZ

Pupils at WAISCZ picked up 148 A*s and As in their A-Level and IGCSE examinations. These top grades were achieved in 14 different subject areas, demonstrating that WAISCZ is offering a broad curriculum, comparable to that offered at other leading independent schools in the United Kingdom.

At IGCSE, 56% of Mathematics pupils and 67% of English Literature pupils achieved A*s. There were 100% A*-C in Art, Biology, English Literature, Geography and ICT and 98% A*-C in Mathematics. Overall 82% of exam grades were A*- C at IGCSE. With two of our pupils gaining A*- A grades in 10 and 11 subjects respectively.

In A-Level and AS-Level examinations, 93% of all A-Levels awarded this year were between A* and C and 74% were between A* and B and there was 100% A*-C in Biology, Art and Chinese AS-Levels. All WAISCZ pupils in Year 13 have the ability to take up places at their first choice university in the United Kingdom (Edinburgh, UCL, Imperial) and the USA (Purdue). These pupils are now University bound and on behalf of all the school community we wish them every success. We look forward to updating you on their progress.