Steinway Piano Competition Success

School News September 10, 2017
Steinway Piano Competition Success

This year there were over forty entrants, which were split into three sections by ability level. Each pupil was provided with an opportunity to try their pieces out and receive feedback from Xin Xin Zhang (Oberlin College, USA), Aron Rozsa (Royal College of Music, London) and Daria Bitsiuk (Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester) in a supportive and inspirational environment.

There were three competitive categories:

Professional B Class Winners: 

  S. Zheng 1st (Wycombe Abbey International School)

  A. Qiu 2nd (Wycombe Abbey International School)

  J. Jiang 3rd (Wycombe Abbey International School) 

Amateur C Class Winners: 

  J. Zhang 1st (Wycombe Abbey International School)

  B. Huangmu 2nd (Wycombe Abbey International School)

  S. Wang 3rd (Wycombe Abbey International School)

Amateur B Class Winners: 

  Y. Chen 1st (External Competitor)

  T. Liu 2nd (Wycombe Abbey International School)

  D. Xu 3rd (Wycombe Abbey International School)

Wycombe Abbey International School Pupil Candidates 2017 – 2018:

Congratulations to all our pupils who competed in the Steinway Piano Competition on Sunday 10th September. The winners now progress onto the finals in Nanjing.

J. Jiang  (Bach French Suite in D minor/Chopin G minor ballade); A. Qiu (Bach French Suite in D minor/Chopin Etude op10 no 4); S. Zheng (Bach French Suite in D minor/Chopin Etudes op10 no12 and no4); B. Huangmu (Chinese Work/Zinliskis Waltz); S. Wang (Chinese Work/Krebs Preambulum); A. Zhang (Chinese Work/Chopin Etude); D. Qian (Chinese Work/Bach Invention); O. Liu (Chinese Work/Mozart Allegretto); A. Yue (Chinese Work/Vanhal Allegretto); T. Shen (Chinese Work/Bartok Romanian Dance); J. Zhang (Chinese Work/Bartok Romanian Dance); S. Zhang  (Weber Waltz/Scarlatti Sonata);  Y. Zhang  (Bach Gigue/Scarlatti Sonata); S. Zhuang  (Chopin Waltz/Scarlatti Sonata); T. Liu (Staccato Beans/Scarlatti Sonata); D. Xu (Mozart Rondo/Scarlatti Sonata).