Primary Leader’s Meal

School News September 30, 2016
Primary Leader’s Meal

To start the school year, 15 children from Grade 5 were chosen to act as role models for the rest of Primary. These Primary Leaders are made up of 5 House Captains and 10 Monitors. The House Captains are chosen to set a perfect example for the rest of the children in their house to follow. They also have the exciting job of tallying up their house's team points each week! The Monitors perform a range of different jobs around school, such as helping in the library, arranging playtime equipment and helping children in the canteen and on the school bus.

To celebrate these important roles, they were treated to a trip to Pizza Hut! There was lots of chatting, lots of fun and LOTS of pizza! When the pizza had finally defeated them, we headed back to school ready for another day's work. Hopefully, they won't be too full to continue their duties the tomorrow!

 - Mr Sam Gaffney